socialMATH: reasearch and statistical analysis

Socialmath is a research company specialized in carrying out complex marketing and scientific research. We can assist you at every level of research process and our services can be implemented at any stage: from identifying the problem and formulating hypothesis, through the choice of the relevant data collection methods, right up to statistical analysis and delivering results and answers to previously stated problems.

Our company provides services that are viable in a broad range of enterprises: businesses, cultural institutions, political marketing organizations, most types of non-governmental organizations, organized research units and to anyone, who needs numerical description of market realities and cannot afford to make wrong decisions.

Socialmath is the only company in Europe that uses statistical analysis of complex systems models. PIAUZ software represents a modern paradigm of research employing computer model of mass society. This includes various social map details such as means of communication, psychological distance etc. that are used for precise description and forecasting of behavioral changes (consumer or political) in a far broader scale than traditional research. Additionally, computer model allows for flexible adjustment of research framework and can picture phenomena which, because of scale size or lack of control of time in the observed changes, are not noticeable by the use of traditional research methods.

Socialmath is also an interdisciplinary research team that includes, among others, scientists from Warsaw and Wroclaw universities. In our work we put special emphasis on meticulousness, reliability and precision. This kind of work regime ensures highest quality of research projects and statistical analysis that we carry out. We always strive to achieve results from which our customers can benefit in the utmost